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January 2005

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Larimer County landfill rates changed

Many county residents who haul their trash to the landfill or transfer station will see a reduction in fees.

Larimer County Commissioners approved a new method of assessing fees at the landfill on South Taft Hill Road and at the Berthoud and Wellington transfer stations. Rates will also apply to the Red Feather Lakes transfer station. The change takes effect Jan. 1.

The new method will charge all loads based on the volume of trash, not on size of vehicle. While this may cause some delays when entering the landfill or transfer stations, customers will be charged more accurately and fairly.

The minimum charge for a half cubic yard will drop from $4.58 to $3.78 at the landfill but remain the same--$6.03--at the transfer stations. If a pickup is carrying 1 cubic yard of trash, the new charge will be $5.16. At the transfer stations, the charge for a small pickup will drop from $16.15 to $8.15 if it is carrying 1 cubic yard.

Large pickups carrying full loads will likely pay more. A full-size pickup carrying 6 cubic yards will pay $30.36 at the landfill and $48.30 at the transfer stations.

For more information about the fee assessment changes, call the solid waste department at 498-5760 or visit the web site

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