Letter: Karen Stockley, an alternative for Larimer County Commissioner


The number one principle of Larimer County’s Republican Party is “to protect the rights of the individual.” Here’s how our Republican commissioners have responded to my rights.

My children have a right to safe routes to parks and schools but our county-maintained roads fall well below county standards for pedestrian and bicycle safety — when I asked our commissioners to address this deficiency, they said no. When I asked our commissioners to review neighborhood impacts before removing a “residential only” restriction placed on land adjacent to my home, they said no. When I asked commissioners to protect my right to safety by defending us from fracking wells placed adjacent to homes and schools, they said no. Just who is this “individual” our commissioners are working to protect?

Too much consensus allows any organization to bypass public scrutiny and overlook individual concerns. We need one county decision-maker who will speak up for alternate views. Karen Stockley listens to residents, and will compassionately represent our alternate views. I hope you’ll vote with me to elect Karen Stockley as Larimer County Commissioner.

Devin Hirning

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