Assistant Town Administrator Alisa Darrow accepts position in Berthoud

Alisa Darrow’s last day of work as Wellington’s Assistant Town Administrator is coming right up. On October 5, she will depart to take up a position as Assistant Town Manager and Clerk in Berthoud, her hometown. Her duties will be similar to those of her current position.

Darrow lives four blocks from her new office. “I wasn’t looking,” she confides.
“We were working on a move to Wellington but it was becoming difficult because of our middle school age son who is involved in so many activities.”

When Berthoud town officials offered her the position, it seemed the right thing to do.

Darrow doesn’t leave easily. She’s proud of all she’s been able to accomplish, in Wellington, especially her work with the Parks and Trails Master Plan and the parks board members. She also took charge of updating the employee benefit program, saving the town $125,000.

“I was so warmly welcomed in Wellington and Larry Lorentzen has been a great boss,” Darrow said.

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