Eclipse fever!

No need to book an overpriced motel for the August 21 solar eclipse, because getting to the “path of totality” is easy to do as a day trip when you live in northern Colorado! Easiest […]

Gardens & Landscapes

“Roosters” make their appearance

In late summer, flowering stems—“roosters”—rise above their flock of hens-and-chicks (Sempervivum), a tough, cold-hardy succulent that’s nice for nestling among rocks. The rooster plant dies after blooming, but chicks quickly fill in the bare space.

Gardens & Landscapes

Eating out of your hand

You’ve seen the videos and the posts on Facebook: Someone holding a small container of sugar water and swarmed by hummingbirds buzzing around, even sitting on their fingers. Must be magic! Nope. It’s simple. If […]