Take Part in Shaping the Parks and Recreation Plan in Fort Collins

City of Fort Collins Earns National Accreditation in Parks and Recreation

The City of Fort Collins is updating its plan for parks and recreation in the city for the first time in over ten years! Join the process to share your thoughts, values and vision for how Parks and Recreation could look in the future.

The Parks and Recreation Policy Plan was last updated in 2008. The needs of our community are continually evolving, and so has the needs and expectations of the Parks system and the City’s recreation facilities.

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This Master Plan process presents a great opportunity to align the vision, goals, and standards of our Parks and Recreation Facilities with evolving community needs and the many bold ideas presented in City Plan.

project timeline

Key outcomes for the planning process include:

  1. Vision, goals and metrics
  2. Needed parks and recreation facilities
  3. Build out strategy
  4. Design standards and guidelines
  5. Strategy for special interest group requests
  6. Community health alignment
  7. Park design process
  8. Park refresh strategy
  9. Lifecycle strategies
  10. Paved trails

Visit fcgov.com for more information about our current Parks(External link)Recreation(External link) and Park Planning and Development(External link) operations.

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