Beekeepers' program features presentation on bee foraging behavior

The Northern Colorado BeeKeepers Association’s Aug. 21 meeting will feature two speakers, BCBA president Miles McGaughey and CSU Doctoral student and bee researcher Keziah Katz.

Katz will talk about her research — that foragers of all species must adaptively divide their time between finding and learning about new resources (exploration), and consuming those resources (exploitation).

How animals chose to divide their time between exploration and exploitation can depend on a number of factors. Katz’s work examines how individual nutrition, colony condition and an individual’s foraging role affect a foraging honeybee’s decisions.

McGaughey will talk about honey extracting.

The program, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., will be at the Fort Collins Harmony Library Meeting Room. The library is on the west end of the Front Range Community College Campus at Harmony & Shields, Fort Collins.

For more information visit the NCBA web site

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