Buckhorn Road flood damage report

Dan Fink provided this Buckhorn Road update via the RCVFD Community Alert:

• Floodwaters crested here 2 a.m. on Sept. 13 however more rain expected.

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• CR 44H underwater and seriously eroded many locations from Ballard Road downstream on 44H, impassable.

• Reports via ham radio and satellite email from residents Ponderosa Hills to below Caboose, water 2-3 feet deep flowing down road, hairpin curve MM25 road entirely wiped out. Estimate MM27-MM24 underwater, no way to get there from here.

• No reports of propane tanks floating, however I only have contact with a couple folks down there and can’t drive or walk there.

• Most residential driveway bridges erased and river is not crossable by wading.

• Egress from all Buckhorn homes from Ballard road west OK to 44H / CR63E Pingree bridge; it is holding but in peril from large trees about to fall on it from eroded roots.

• Crystal Mtn Road culvert wiped out. Suggesting residents try route down hill then up through Sandmann Valley to Ballard sawmill, hearing this is washed out but maybe passable 4WD. Don’t know.