Ape 9 – Ok, Yeah

By Conor Hooley OK, Yeah is nine tracks of underground hip-hop that pairs Colorado rapper Ape9’s gravelly flow with producer Dirtybird’s futuristic take on boom bap. The combination proves to be inspired, as Ape’s low-register, […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

A Sober Defense of Old Town's "Dark Side"

By Conor Hooley It was just another night in Old Town. Once again, it was just another crowd of thousands of twenty-somethings shuffling in and out of the local bars with their friends. It was […]

Music News

Scene Speaks with Sage Francis

By Conor Hooley He’s an iconic rapper, a freestyle champion, a respected label owner and a bona fide underground legend. He’s Sage Francis, in other words, and after over a decade spent crafting some of […]


Made You Look – Perspective EP

By Conor Hooley Fledgling production duo Made You Look has hit the ground running with Perspective, an initial six-track offering from August Kaan and Marcus Jackson (a.k.a. DJ Ras Cus). Things kick off with “Illusion,” […]


The Acidophiles – Earth

By Conor Hooley The schizophrenic stylings of Fort Collins-based electronic duo The Acidophiles (Zac Rachid and Amandha Gibson) are on full display on their new EP. Earth is a continuously mixed, five-track offering geared toward […]


Shooting Down Satellites – The Sovereign EP

By Conor Hooley Shooting Down Satellites’ The Sovereign EP takes modern rock into outer space, with an inviting combination of anthemic sounds and interstellar overtones. The opening track “Beautiful Backbone” begins with an ambient overture […]


Emcee Evolution – Street Corner Poet

By Conor Hooley The only way that Emcee Evolution’s Street Corner Poet could be more backpacker-friendly is if it was released on Rawkus Records. In 1997. The album spends most of its time – both […]