Cheryl Rennels launches Bless Your Heart product line

Simply bless and leave the rest is the core message of Cheryl Rennels new business, Bless Your Heart. Through a line of products, all with the signature logo that resembles both the letter B and a heart, Rennels hopes to remind people of the power of this expression of kindness given from the heart.

“I created reminders,” said Rennels “to bring the consciousness of a Blessing into our everyday, ordinary lives.”

Rennels, a business woman and rancher, lives north of Fort Collins where she rides and raises American Quarter Horses. Bless Your Heart came to her soon after she went through a deep personal loss. She found that keeping a blessing foremost in consciousness allowed her to function during the day. Many uplifting moments, ideas and experiences began occurring. She decided she needed something to remind her to simply bless each day in every way and Bless Your Heart was created. After four years of planning, trademark registration and creating products, Rennels is now ready to share her message and products through her website.

The Bless Your Heart product line includes books, clothing, jewelry, paper products and animal tags and is available for purchase online at

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