Construction to begin on Buffalo Creek park

Wellington’s Board of Trustees has OK’d spending $150,000 on a park near Buffalo Creek and blessed a contract between the town and the neighborhood’s HOA to irrigate it.

The trustees voted on the items at a Nov. 21 special meeting called to allow preliminary work — including rough grading — to begin on the park within the next few weeks, weather permitting. The town had already set aside the money for this work and for trees that will be planted in the park early next year.

The board also approved an agreement between Buffalo Creek Home Owners Association and the town of Wellington that allows the town to use one of the HOA’s four wells to irrigate the soon-to-be named park. The HOA is currently using only two of the four wells. In the future, should there be a problem with the well being used to irrigate the park, the town will be permitted to switch to the other well that is not in use.

Park committee members Tim Singewald and Lorilyn Borchardt were pleased with the outcome of the meeting and the prospect of beginning construction on the long-awaited park.

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