Dig In® Dividing Irises

It’s the time of year in Colorado to thin your irises. Thinning them now will encourage new growth and bigger, beautiful flowers next year. For our monthly brand-new feature (Dig In®), we visited Iris 4 You in Englewood.

Step 1 – Use a pitch fork to dig up the entire plant to be divided.
Step 2 – Break apart old (dark) roots.
Step 3 – Cut the leaves to make a “fan” about 6-8 inches from the new roots.
Step 4 – Cut off the end of the rhyzome and let it sit over night.
Step 5 – Prepare the soil with fresh composte and triple super phosphate. Mix it throughout the soil very well.
Step 6 – Plant 12-18 inches apart from each other, turning the fans into different angles.