Donations being solicited for Search and Rescue may be fraudulent

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that in recent weeks there have been numerous fraudulent attempts to solicit funds by people representing various organizations that don’t exist or don’t ordinarily make donation requests via the phone.

LCSO has become aware of a number of instances in the community of a group soliciting donations and/or requesting access to non-public facilities under the pretense of being Larimer County Search and Rescue Inc. This group is not associated with Larimer County Search and Rescue Inc.

LCSAR is under contract with the LCSO to provide the majority of search and rescue resources for the visitors and citizens of Larimer County and that recognized group continues to rely heavily on community donations and does occasionally request use of non-public facilities for training purposes. However, you can always identify our members through the use of the LCSAR logo on their uniform and their LCSAR ID badge, which can be shown upon request.

If you are approached by anyone seeking a donation or requesting to use your facilities for “Search and Rescue,” please take the time to verify the person’s identity and their association with LCSAR. If it appears to be fraudulent, please notify your local law enforcement agency.

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