Firewood permits available on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District

Firewood permits are now available at the following locations on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District, including:

· Bellaire Lake Campground
· Red Feather Lakes Area (FSR 517, 530, 267, 509.1)
· Sheep Creek (FSR 169)
· Chicken Park Road (FSR 181) Road remains closed.

Cost for firewood permits is $20 a cord and the timeframes for these locations vary.

Visitors can purchase permits at the Visitor Information Center located at 2150 Centre Ave., Building E in Fort Collins, or later this week at the Redfeather Visitor Information Center (open Friday through Monday) located at 274 Dowdy Dr., Red Feather Lakes.

In the Bellaire Lake Campground, open for firewood Monday-Friday, the wood is stacked in 4’ lengths. The Bellaire wood is primarily Lodgepole pine. The Red Feather 1 area is open for wood removal seven days a week and you may only remove down wood. Cutting of dead and down standing trees is permitted on FSR 530. In the Sheep Creek area, dead and live trees may be cut if they are less than 7” in diameter.

Please use extreme caution when driving on Forest Service Roads. Due to the amount of rain received this season, roads are very saturated and still wet.

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