Fort Collins is joining, a private social network without anonymous posting

The City of Fort Collins is joining, a private social network. As opposed to a majority of websites, is a social network without anonymity, where members are required to live in network neighborhoods. Residents must verify their addresses to be a part of the network.

Key staff from the City of Fort Collins will be able to post important information onto the City’s network including information about crime, safety updates and local street repairs. However — as opposed to social networking sites like Facebook — is a private network where city staff cannot access resident websites, contact information or content.

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Hopefully, will be able to foster communal growth and increase connectivity within the neighborhoods of Fort Collins.

For more information on the City’s neighborhood services, please visit

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  1. The City and the County own severai thousands acre of ground that is sitting idle. In a year of drought why not let ranchers and farmers pasture livestock on it. I am sure most people visiting it would like to see some stock in their outdoor area. Maybe some of the fuel that burned in Lorey Park would have been used up for livestock feed.

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