Haas is a candidate for City Council District 1

Glenn E. Haas, Ph.D.
Glenn E. Haas, Ph.D.

By Glenn E. Haas, Ph.D.


After 44 years in FOCO, I have the time, accumulated talent and heartfelt desire to give back. I am the District 1 candidate of substance and breadth, with proven collaborative leadership, and a pragmatic balanced commitment to sustainable natural resources and a resilient business economy. Please review my credentials at www.haasforfoco1.com.

I would bring five areas of interest and expertise to City Council:

  1. Small Business Resilience and Vitality—sustain small, local, independent businesses through economic health services and tools; expand and train workforce; support metropolitan districts; help businesses bridge distressed times due to redevelopment and construction.
  2. Tourism Advancement—develop strategy for increasing tourist expenditures; increase lodging tax to median of comparable tourist communities; establish improvement district for hoteliers; prepare annexation plan for SH 14 (Mulberry).
  3. Environmental Stewardship—protect natural areas, parks, trails, and open space; enhance air, water, and wildlife resources; support energy diversity and Climate Action Plan; restore integrity of the Poudre River; protect farm land between FOCO & Wellington.
  4. Colorado State University—collaborate with CSU on R&D, educational programs, conferences, arts and culture, special events, affordable housing and off-campus student housing.
  5. Land Use Planning— ensure new developments follow the principles of smart growth, pay their own way, and provide for mixed and affordable housing; raise City awareness for NE quadrant of District 1 considered ground zero for major land use changes; complete Vine railroad overpass; expand transit to NE; study repurposing the old FOCO airpark area for affordable housing or convention center.

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