High Park restoration volunteers, 4X4 trucks needed this week

Volunteers are needed the rest of this week to prepare for a huge erosion-control effort on Friday, Oct. 19, in the High Park burn area.

The High Park Restoration Coalition and Wildlands Restoration Volunteers have 1,500 straw bales and 3,000 feet of straw erosion bundles that must be moved and unloaded prior to being placed. On Friday, 250 volunteers will be needed to seed and mulch and take other steps to protect both roads, reservoirs, rivers, homes and communities from further damage by landslides, flooding, and invasive weeds. Doing restoration by hand before the snow falls is the most sustainable, effective way to help residents and the land, according to WRV.

Anyone 16 and older is welcome to help on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as well as on Friday; four-wheel-drive trucks that can transport supplies are especially needed.

For more information or to register to volunteer, go to www.wlrv.org or call 970-493-2075.

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