Larimer County building permit and impact fees to increase July 1

Effective July 1, the following Larimer County fees will increase:

• All building permit fees will increase 1.94 percent as a result of yearly evaluations based on the Consumer Price Index. More information at .

• The Poudre School District Fee for certain newly-built homes will increase $110. As of July 1, the impact fee for single family dwellings will be $1,710.

• Transportation Capital Expansion Fees, which are used to maintain adequate levels of service on Larimer County’s major road system, will also increase. All building permits that create new dwelling units, new commercial buildings or other traffic-generating activities are assessed this fee by the Larimer County Engineering Department. The new TCEF Fee as of July 1 will be $3,318. More information on the TCEF is available at .

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