Larimer County Commissioners seek public input on recreational marijuana store application

The board of Larimer County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on May 12 at 6:30 p.m. to hear application for a retail marijuana store license and a retail marijuana cultivation facility license by Flower Power Botanicals, located at 1308 Duff Drive in Fort Collins.

The hearing, which takes place at the courthouse offices building at 200 West Oak St. in Fort Collins, will look at location issues that have come up during the application process. The applications include a waiver request to allow the licensed premises to be located closer than 500 feet to a place of amusement or recreation. The Larimer County’s Planning Commission recommendation for this license was not to approve and now the board of commissioners must decide.

Larimer County has limited retail licenses to two in Larimer County and Choice Organics has already been approved as the first licensee.

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