Larimer County Landfill: Protect the environment when disposing of household waste

As spring arrives and property owners dispose of waste from their properties, special consideration should be made to dispose of chemicals in a manner that protects our environment. Improper disposal of household chemicals can be illegal and contaminate the local groundwater.

Proper disposal practices are important to keep these chemicals out of the environment and keep our waters clean. Residents of Larimer County may dispose of many typical household chemicals through the Larimer County Landfill Household Hazardous Waste Program:

The Larimer County Landfill also offers residents a Drop ‘N’ Swap program. About 30,000 pounds of hazardous household products are reused through the Drop ‘N’ Swap program each year, keeping them out of the landfill and out of groundwater.

If you are aware of illegal disposal of hazardous waste or for additional information about hazardous waste disposal, please call 970-498-6790.

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