Larimer County Rolls Out New Short-Term Rental Regulations


Larimer County has issued new rules and regulations for short-term property owners on Sept. 1, in order to make certain that short-term rental living spaces are safe and secure for residency and suited in their district communities.

The new regulations apply to short-term rentals within Larimer County, outside of city and town limits including the Estes Park Planning area. Although these new regulations such as short-term rental dwellings went into effect Sept. 1, short-term rental property owners within Larimer County will be notified about the new rules beginning February 5.

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Advising short-term rental property owners to comply with Larimer County Land Use and Building Codes standards, the notification of the new regulations will also counsel owners to acquire the required land use and building code permits.

Dwellings or residencies rented by owners for fewer than 31 days are considered short-term rentals. Those owners who have yet to receive notifications on the new regulations are still needed to follow them. However, they do have a few options for their short-term rentals.

Property owners can choose to obtain the required approvals and permits or they can stop the use of their property as a short-term rental through the signing of a form that states as such.

Larimer County is incentivizing property owners to comply with the new short-term rental regulations through a discounted application fee throughout 2020. Larimer County encourages compliance from all short-term rental property owners in regard to obtaining approvals for their properties but will take necessary action to obtain said approvals if need be.

For more information on the new short-term rules and regulations or to obtain the required approvals and permits for short-term rental properties, please visit and or call Larimer County Community Development at [970] 498-7679.