LCSO Emergency Services Requests Your Assistance While Enjoying the Rivers

Whitewater on the Poudre River can be great fun, or not. Photo courtesy of
PHOTO LARIMER COUNTY SHERIFF (Twitter – @larimersheriff)

Deputy Chris Smith, Public Information Officer

The weather is hot and the rivers are cool. As use of the rivers increases with the heat, so do the calls to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services Unit for river rescues. Often this involves sending emergency response vehicles up the canyon and rescuers into the water, both of which can be very dangerous. The Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone to call anytime life may be in danger, but we are asking for assistance from those enjoying the rivers.

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Please take a few moments and permanently write or engrave your name and phone number on all your gear. This includes kayaks, paddles, inner tubes, and life jackets. If you lose your gear and are unable to retrieve it safely, please call the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency phone number (970)416-1985 with a good description of the lost items and last known location. Doing so will help emergency response personnel when we receive calls from concerned citizens regarding items seen floating on the rivers. If responders can call the phone number found on the gear and determine no one is missing or hurt, it will prevent a much larger response and search effort.

The Sheriff’s Office wants everyone to enjoy the rivers safely this season and encourages anyone to call when needed. Your assistance will allow resources to be deployed more effectively and help keep everyone safe

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