Letter: A clear case of exit envy

In response to Windsor resident Carl Sorrentino’s July NFN letter to the editor:

Ho, ho! Looks like a case of what some psychologists would call “exit envy.” Though you refer to Wellington as a “drive-by” rather than “gateway” it is Windsor that is the “drive-by.”

Who wants to exit the freeway to be greeted by a bunch of cheap strip malls followed by a 3-mile drive and a dozen wretchedly timed stop lights just to get to the downtown business district?

Take the Wellington Interstate 25 exit and you are immediately in the quaint downtown business district where the local folk walk, talk, meet, eat and shop. Indeed.

Windsor may wish it was Colorado’s Northern Gateway and say that it is “Mayberry On Steroids,” but alas it can only hope to be the “Small Sprawl on the Way to Loveland’s Malls”.

Bobby Brannock

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