Letter: Boxelder Stormwater fees are illegal


If you have been receiving bills from Larimer County demanding payment for Boxelder Stormwater fees, you need to know the following:

1) No one in Larimer County is legally obligated to pay these fees.

2) Despite the threats that accompany your bill and despite the large number of delinquent accounts, there has never been a lien filed for non-payment of these fees. Such a lien would be as illegal as the original demand for payment.

The Boxelder Stormwater Authority has been an unfortunate chapter in the history of Larimer County. We are, at times, at the mercy of the heavens. We can’t put the rain back in the sky. But we are not at the mercy of unlawful scams by government. Every single dime of money that has been taken from citizens in North Larimer County needs to be returned with interest. The County Commissioners should be ashamed for allowing this to happen over the protests of citizens.

Eric Sutherland
Fort Collins

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