Letter: Dogs and dog days of summer

I was disappointed to read in last month’s NFN that “Sixty volunteers washed 106 dogs” & only raised $1,200. That averages only $11 per dog washed. For a “good cause,” that’s bad! Surely it should have drawn in more cash than that. But that’s just my opinion.

I heard a funny thing today. A friend of mine’s sister-in-law, who lives in Texas, called her with this story:

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They have a pool at which has hot concrete all around it. Seems she was sitting in her lawn chair when something caught her eye. It was a small lizard making its way across the hot concrete, with a stick in its mouth.

Every few steps, it would stop, put down the stick, stand on it (to cool its feet perhaps), then get off, pick it back up — go a little ways more & put down the stick — stand on it a while & again pick it up & go on.

However, she didn’t let my friend know where it ended up. Darn!

“Dumb” animal, I don’t think so — would you?

Judy Curby
Fort Collins