Letter: Elect Jeni Arndt


I believe electing Jeni Arndt to be our representative to the Colorado General Assembly is the right move to keep our state strong. As our state representative she will stand up for fiscal responsibility and a healthy economy, working to develop and keep the jobs we need.

Jeni has a strong background in and commitment to education. Jeni has multiple educational degrees and has worked at different levels of education. She knows how critical a public school system is to the health of a community. Jeni will work to keep our system of public schools strong from early childhood through higher education.

Jeni is approachable, a good listener and she wants to hear what her constituents have to say. She has worked hard to introduce herself to the residents of her district, and she has committed to making herself available once she is elected. Please keep Colorado strong, vote to elect Jeni Arndt to the Colorado General Assembly on Nov. 4.

Brian Woodruff
Fort Collins

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