Letter: Jim Wilkerson for County Coroner


Why am I endorsing Dr. Jim Wilkerson in the race for County Coroner?

I’ve been a peace officer in Colorado for 23 years. Over that time, I’ve had hundreds of opportunities to work with the County Coroner’s Office. That’s given me a unique look into the responsibilities and duties of the Coroner. I’ve witnessed firsthand just how critical it is to have a trained, professional and expert coroner.

I know Dr. Wilkerson’s professional credentials as a forensic pathologist (MD) who performed countless autopsies over his career, a veteran Officer of the United States Army and as a witness in trials of those accused of homicide in our county since 2008.

Dr. Wilkerson has demonstrated that he is prepared to handle everything from the unexpected in home death of a loved one to the potential for mass casualty events.

In my professional opinion, hands down, the choice for Larimer County Coroner in the June primary is Dr. Jim Wilkerson. He’s earned my vote and I encourage you to support him as well!

Justin Smith
Larimer County Sheriff

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