Letter: Lew Gaiter III getting our vote


Having read Kathy Gilliland’s endorsement of herself in the September issue of North Forty News and by one of her supporters in the Sept. 10 Coloradoan, we felt a response was needed.

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Kathy did not display the attributes she and her supporter spelled out as needed to do the job of Larimer County Commissioner when she served on the Loveland City Council. Why should we expect her to suddenly do so as commissioner?

Her primary accomplishment for her time in Loveland City Council was COLT transportation, which by her choice was a Loveland-only transportation effort — not the coordinated Northern Colorado system needed.

We already have Lew Gaiter III in office (since January 2010) with a proven record of openness, integrity and dedication to provide the needed directions for our Larimer County citizens to meet head-on the challenges we face. Lew’s openness and caring actions during the county fires and floods, along with the other sitting commissioners, was commended by the Federal authorities as the best intergovernmental cooperation they had ever experienced anywhere!!!

As stated — we already have the right person in the job who has shown leadership, accessibility and character to do the job, and Lew Gaiter III has our vote. Please give him yours.

Mike and Jane Elijah