Letter: Make your vote count


Most of us Wellingtonians live here because of the quality of life our town affords.
Choosing to live in a small town provides for a healthy and safe environment for our kids and a convenient alternative to more expensive options virtually anywhere to our south.

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There is a price for living in such a place. For the years I’ve lived here, the growth and development has happened by default. The building of houses and the opening of businesses has happened not by design so much as a result of Fort Collins being more expensive and crowded. That relegates us to being a remote bedroom community with little direction or plan for our own future.

On April 1 we (you) have the opportunity to make a fundamental move in the direction of self fulfillment. We have two candidates for Mayor and 10 candidates for the four open Town Board of Trustees positions. These are the people who make decisions on your behalf about the town in which you have an investment.

At stake are very important ideas and projects that can and should enhance your quality of life in your town. You will have the opportunity to decide on how to complete a major park and trails project for our kids, a redevelopment of our “main street,” the idea of whether or not to hire our own police force and, maybe most importantly, how to bring jobs to our community.

Please plan to go to the Leeper Center next to our Library on April Fool’s Day and vote for what you want for our little village. I highly recommend you choose carefully those people who will consciously and diligently find the energy and resources to define our town.

My personal endorsements are as follows: Jack Brinkhoff for Mayor; and Raymond Billington, Tim Singewald, Matt Michel, Ashley Macdonald, and Barry Friedrichs for Board of Trustees. These fine folks have shown to me their unique abilities to think, research and decide how to move our town in the right direction.

Be selfish. Do this for yourself and your future in Wellington.

Doug Andersen, Andersen ACE Hardware