Letter: Pass along the money you've saved watering your lawn to flood victims


I winterized my sprinkler system recently-several weeks earlier than usual.

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I did so largely as I am enjoying the greenest lawn I have had in decades-courtesy of the recent deluge of rain. I am confident I won’t need to water the grass until next spring.

I have also seen the actual savings on my City of Fort Collins Utility bill — no second or third tier higher rate charges. My savings are more than $25. a month versus the pre-flood period.

Suggestion: If you were fortunate to have only green lawns from the recent 6 inches plus of rain, and no damage or no flooded basement, send a check to the Community Foundation ‘Flood Relief and Recovery’ program.

The Bohemian foundation is matching up to $750,000 for funds received by OCT. 31.

I understand that this account is only halfway to that goal — every dollar will be matched so that, optimally, the total for flood victims will be $1.5 million. This money will help victims with bigger problems than fast-growing lawns.

You can go to the Northern Colorado Community Foundation website and find a link to donate or call 970-224-3462.

Pass that $25 or more savings onto the Bohemian Foundation and it will be doubled. Please don’t procrastinate — Oct. 31 is near.

Harland Ranney
Fort Collins