Letter: Thank you to Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department

More than once, we heard it was “a perfect fire.” To those humble wildland firefighters, we clarify: it was “a perfect fire fighting response.” For that, we are so thankful for the efforts of the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department members; Poudre Fire Authority and other mutual aid responders; the volunteer fire containment line army of neighbors, deputies, and random recruits; and all volunteers for responding to the spontaneous, rogue Davis wildfire on Saturday evening, March 24.

Purposely running toward a burning wildfire is a bit crazy. We’re glad you are a little crazy (in a good way) and believe you are amazingly courageous. We’re grateful you do this in order to protect the lives and property of others. Larimer County and RCVFD’s dedication to the safety of the members and the community is clear. Trees and buildings are replaceable; people are not. Thank you for prioritizing a safety culture in your work and please continue to be safe in all you do.

The Jordans, Mattors, and Shellhammers

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