Letter: Thanks for serving


On behalf of the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce, we would like to congratulate and welcome the new mayor and members of the Board of Trustees. Your civic-mindedness and readiness to undertake a sometimes arduous but nevertheless gratifying job for the betterment of our town is much appreciated by all our citizens.

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We also want to express our thanks to all the candidates who came forward to offer their service to our community. It was heartening to see the number and quality of the people willing to participate. We encourage you to continue to contribute to the many projects in need of your skills.

Wellington faces many challenges as it embarks on a new era of growth and renewal. We offer the support and counsel of the business community in a spirit of collaboration on many exciting new initiatives that will help to make Wellington a vibrant, active and safe community in which to grow and prosper. ​

Walt Lamia, Chair
Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce