Letters to the Editor: Angela Myers

Angela Myers is the very best Clerk & Recorder in the state.  She has earned an Innovation Award for being the first Clerk to offer such conveniences as scheduling an appointment for vehicle registration, online chat functions in real time, and self-serve kiosks to obtain registration tabs with no wait in the motor vehicle department.  Her recording department is recognized for the quick availability of documents online to the public. And working with the Colorado Secretary of State, her election department was recognized by the Department of Homeland Security as one of the most secure systems in the nation.  In my opinion, Angela Myers definitely deserves re-election.

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Steve Johnson
Larimer County Commissioner
District 2

I go to church with Angela Myers and her husband, and I have been honored to call them friends.  Angela is always energetic and enthusiastic about serving others, and her service as our Larimer County Clerk & Recorder is no exception.  She is smart, but humble. She is fearless, but not impulsive. She is fair and flexible, but not wishy washy. Every Larimer citizen has benefitted from the work Angela has done as our Clerk & Recorder.  All of us use the Vehicle Licensing system and have been the beneficiaries of the unique innovations she has put into place here – from the appointment feature, to processing transactions by phone, to kiosks for renewals, to actually making it possible for us to “chat” with a technician in real time, etc.  And now that vehicle licensing is experiencing a state-wide system conversion, the office CERTAINLY needs her experience to navigate those inherent challenges. ALL of us have benefitted from Angela’s improvements in Elections that ensure the security and integrity of the process. And commerce has greatly benefitted from her conversion of the Recording system and the efficiencies and securities put into play there.  Angela doesn’t do “sound bites” – she is a proven woman of action. Please take action this November and vote for Angela Myers as our Clerk & Recorder.

Jan Hudak