Letter to the Editor: What’s happened to my country?


The weekend of Nov. 16, we went to the movie “Captain Phillips,” the story of the freighter captain who was taken hostage by the Somali Pirates. This is an action-packed and terrorizing true story which took place off the coast of Africa.

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by North Forty / Scene Magazine - August 4, 2018

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The pirates took Phillips captive into a small life boat and the terror of the situation was palatable.

One morning they woke up and — oh my goodness — there were three U.S. Navy Warships on that little boat and I can tell you I had chills up my arms and I was so proud to be an American. Don’t tread on me. Take that — you don’t mess with America. I was so proud.

After the show, we were driving north up Interstate 25 when it dawned on me that just last year we had some young men cry out for help from Bengazi, more than once, video was showing the attack live, and my president was reported to have gone to bed. Not one person went to help, not one fly over, nothing. I was instantly sick to my stomach. What has happened to my country in these few years? What’s happened?

That was just over a year ago and we haven’t even tried to rectify these events — no one will even have the courtesy of opening the discussion. Hillary Clinton says “What does it matter?”

What’s happened to my country?

I think every American should be asking this same question. It scares me.

Tim Singewald

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