Letter: Van an eyesore


Re: March T-Bar Inn Mystery Photo Contest concerning “Lorrena” van at entrance to Rist Canyon

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You should have used your title from page 8, “A very sad day for the community,” when asking people to create stories about a van abandoned at the entrance to Rist Canyon. It does not appear to matter that the van is just a junker to most of us who must pass it each day; rusting, old and scarred by graffiti. Nor has anyone taken to heart the message that someone tried to convey a year or two ago when they tried to blow it out of existence.

One wonders why the property owners feel they need to use that corner of their property for trash disposal. North Forty News only adds to what many of us perceive as a problem by asking for and publishing saccharine imaginings intended to create an acceptable back-story for an eyesore that falls far beyond good taste. It not only reflects poorly on the property owners and your publication, but detracts from the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

See it for what it is — unnecessary, ugly debris.

Paula Gebo