Loveland Councilmember Addresses Technology and Communication Issues Nationally

PHOTO COURTESY CITY OF LOVELAND. John Fogle, Councilmember District III.

By Tom Hacker
City of Loveland

Fogle reappointed to National League of Cities technology committee

Loveland Ward 3 City Councilmember John H. Fogle will continue his service on a key policy advisory committee of the National League of Cities (NLC) dealing with technology and communication issues.

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Los Angeles City Councilmember Joe Buscaino, president of the NLC, announced Fogle’s appointment to the group’s Information Technology and Communications federal advisory committee, extending his tenure on the committee for a sixth year.

The committee has the lead responsibility for developing NLC’s federal policy positions on issues involving telecommunications, information systems and public access to those systems. The group recommends policy on privacy concerns, cable TV, phone services, spectrum issues, communications tower siting, universal service, broadcasting and defense of city rights-of-way in instances of communication facility installation.

“As a six-year member of the NLC-ITC committee I am proud to have been involved in shaping NLC policy on a wide range of issues,” Fogle said. “Those include ‘Truth-in- Advertising’ for the broadband industry, 5G deployment and right-of-way preemption, and 5G safety issues, just to name a few.”

Buscaino, in a statement announcing Fogle’s appointment, said NLC’s advocacy committees ensure that policymakers in Washington understand the most pressing issues facing local communities.

“I am proud to have John join NLC’s Information Technology and Communications committee on behalf of his residents,” Buscaino said. “Together, with a team of local officials from across the country, we will strengthen the federal-local partnership, and ultimately create stronger cities, towns and villages.”