May Play Music Festival in Downtown Greeley

May Play is one of 2 of Downtown Greeley’s annual indie music festivals produced by the Moxi Theater, BandWagon Magazine, and The Crew Presents, with the May Play Music Festival in the Spring and Greeley Block Party in the Fall. Like Greeley’s Friday Fest in the summer, The Go-Cup district and allow patrons to carry their drinks from bar to bar, enjoying the festivities.The May Play is a music festival that focuses on featuring some of Colorado’s best local bands and celebrate the coming of spring.
Much like SXSW, FoCoMx, and Block Party, there will be several stages throughout the festival running simultaneously. Admission to the festival is free for all. The generous support from local businesses make this event possible. We look forward to positively and intentionally building Greeley’s arts and entertainment culture together and kicking off another great summer season!