More areas open for firewood on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District

Firewood permits are now available at the following locations on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District, including:

· West Lake and Dowdy Lake Campgrounds
· Chambers Lake Campground
· Tunnel Campground
· Browns Park Campground
· North Fork Poudre Campground
· Jacks Gulch Campground
· Crown Point Road
· Manhattan Road/171 road system
· Deadman Road and Deadman Tower.

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Cost for the permits is $20 a cord and the timeframes for these locations vary. Visitors can purchase permits at the Visitor Information Center located at 2150 Centre Ave., Building E in Fort Collins. Permits for West Lake and Dowdy Lake Campgrounds and the Manhattan Road area can also be purchased at the Redfeather Visitor Information Center located off of Dowdy Lake Road.

In the campgrounds and Deadman tower the wood is stacked in 4’ lengths. In the Manhattan Road area, trees have been felled and limbed but need to be bucked with a chainsaw for removal. In the Crown Point area, dead standing trees can be cut down. Along the Deadman Road, trees have been felled and limbed and only down wood may be cut within 100 feet of the road. Standing dead trees may be cut if they are within less than 100 feet from Forest Service Roads off of the Deadman Road within the cutting area.

The firewood in campgrounds was created from hazardous trees being cut and left to cure.