New Podcast! The Bean Pod with Deborah Shulman

by Deborah Shulman, Candidate for Larimer County Commissioner - 3 weeks ago

Deborah Shulman, Candidate for Larimer County Commissioner in District 2 announces a new podcast called “The Bean Pod with Deborah Shulman.” Growing ideas for a better future.  Each episode is from 5 – 10 minutes in length, publishes twice a week and discusses county issues important to our region. The link to listen is at

cb3c7506-6146-3e02-a287-d73b5ad2ae70.jpegDeborah has lived in unincorporated Larimer County in the foothills west of Fort Collins for over 30 years, earned her Ph.D. at Colorado State University, and has been actively engaged in the community  and county government.  She is committed to regional dialogue and collaboration to find solutions or our most pressing issues.  Deborah is committed to the environment, open lands, agriculture and keeping Larimer County a great place to live, play, raise families and retire. 


While you can read more about Deborah’s background and experience on her website, the podcast offers a new way to engage with a candidate in 2020. Many people include listening to daily podcast episodes throughout their day to keep up on news, interesting stories and business advice – why not connect with a candidate for County Commissioner?


“When I realized that my public speaking abilities and my knowledge of county government could be used to speak directly to folks through a podcast – I was all in! So far, my first 2 episodes are gaining more attention and I have emails from neighbors interested in how our county sees growth and what possible new water issues we foresee in the future.


I love this way of reaching residents through the power of voice. The podcast will soon be up on Google Podcasts and iTunes. Thank you for listening and engaging in local county issues. Your support is needed to bring the best solutions forward – I’ll just be adding my counsel, share your concerns and ask the tough questions with ‘The Bean Pod with Deborah Shulman.’ Thank you for listening.”  - Deborah Shulman, Candidate for Larimer County Commissioner.

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