Stone Soup for Community! Buy a Quart, Give a Bowl

by Cursor Magnet - 11 months ago

By giving just a little, they made a big difference.


Three hungry travelers come to a village with nothing but an empty pot. The travelers asked several villagers for something to eat, but they don’t receive a crumb.

The three decide to fill the pot with water and place a stone in it. When one villager asks what they are doing, a traveler replies that they are making stone soup.

The villager decides that he can part with a small amount of his food, and so he adds a little to the pot. Several of the villagers follow, and by the end of the day, a community has come together to create a feast for those in need.

Buy a Quart, Give a Bowl

All November, we’ll be sponsoring a community-wide effort to help in hunger relief efforts. For every HOT quart you purchase, we will donate a HEAPING bowl of Stone Soup to the Food Bank.

3 Ways You Can Help

  1. Buy a few quarts of soup
  2. Tell. Everyone.
  3. Tell them again. We all forget.

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