Northern Colorado Remembers our Heroes

Photo by Sharefaith from Pexels


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Dear Fallen Heroes,

You stand on the lines for my safety. You take the battles and scars that I cannot. You act as my protector in places no one should probably be.

You are the security for your loved ones, for your homelands, for strangers, for your country, for my freedom, even for just me.

You are strong in ways I cannot imagine. You see the world’s pains and stand between them for my freedoms.

I will never forget the sacrifice you made. The dedication you have made to our country is beyond words. It is an honor to have your service.

It is an ease to know you stand to protect me. You made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, for our world at times, even for our community.

I will never forget. I will always remember. I am grateful for your dedication and service.

With love, respect and dedication to our fallen heroes on this Memorial Day,

The North Forty News Team

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