Poet Sparks Creativity Through Spirituality of Nature and Existence

Sarah Waggoner - Image pulled from Linkeden Profile.

Colorado local and mother, Sarah Waggoner, has written and published a collection of poem. The book, titled “Essence: A Poetic Odyssey of the Spirit”, paints vivid images of the intensities of living, dying and bridges the gap on how the natural world and life’s journey plays an important role in forming the human spirit.

Residing within the Colorado mountains, Waggoner comprehends the weight nature carries on human lives. Begging to write poetry as a young child, she draws inspiration for her poems through her experiences in life and all the hardships that have come with.

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Waggoner calls to attention the fortitude she has gained through life obstacles she has faced and the beauty of mother earth, hoping to inspire readers to attain the same strength. “Everyone experiences challenges in their lives. As we face those challenges, we seek inspiration and understanding. The inspiration helps us continue to move forward, and the understanding helps ground us so that we may become stronger,” Waggoner said.


“Essence: A Poetic Odyssey of the Spirit” By Sarah Waggoner is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.