Publisher’s Letter: BOY POWER!

By Blaine Howerton, Publisher
North Forty News

I bet that got your attention!

Since I’ve owned this newspaper and its sister publication New SCENE Magazine, we’ve published many good stories about women — athletes, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals, and women in government.

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In the modern day we hear a lot about girls in sports, women in the various professions, women who are breaking glass ceilings, and the high percentage of female college students.

As the father of two young boys, I am concerned.

While I truly believe that gender equality is an important concept not just in theory but in practice, I wonder what message my boys are getting when they see girls on the front of catalogs and on the inside walls of buses and they don’t see their boy counterparts.

Is it just me or have we so bent over backwards to provide girls and women with opportunities, often denied them in the past, that we seem not to be concerned about providing good role models for boys.

And when in some universities the student population is 75% female who will be there for these strong, educated, and accomplished women we are raising? Will those who choose to marry and have a family be able to find a suitable partner?

Am I missing something? How do you, our readers, who are raising boys feel about this?

We welcome the observations of parents and surrogate parents of boys as to:

What’s working in our culture in helping you to raise your boys to become mature, kind men capable of commitment to their education, a career, a partner, a family, and hopefully, their community?

Let’s open a conversation — but no rants, please.

Send your comments and suggestions to:

We will acknowledge receipt of your response but reserve the right to ignore and delete any message that contains any inappropriate language. Providing we receive adequate response, in the future, we may publish a list of best practices as to how to raise boys to be happy, healthy and responsible men.



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Blaine Howerton

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