Publisher’s Letter: Young Adults — Do You Read Us?


In our sister publication, New SCENE Magazine, among our readers are Millennials including young adults just starting out in life. All about music, art, lifestyle, some bands we feature in SCENE are Millennials themselves who attract young audiences.

At North Forty News we have recently expanded to a weekly newspaper. In keeping with our commitment to provide service to readers in communities throughout Northern Colorado, especially as we are headquartered in a college town, we are concerned about young folks just starting out.

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We know that nobody makes it alone!

Behind every successful person is a hidden army of supporters. We’d like to be among those who support the success and development of young adults beginning by offering timely topics such as:

  • how to approach and decode a detailed job description to address what the employer is seeking
  • how to write a cover letter based on what you clearly understand about their job description that will greatly increase your chances of being called in for an interview
  • how to follow up an interview so effectively that you greatly increase your changes of securing the next interview that might be required to secure the position or being offered the position (exceedingly important if the prospective employer has more than one front-runner prospect and you are reallyinterested in this particular position)
  • how to cultivate and maintain lasting relationships with key people such as mentors, supervisors from internships, and part-time employment, people who might help you in the future
  • how to provide a reference letter template filled in with dates, tasks, and relevant accolades that former employers who offered a reference may be willing to sign on their printed-out letterhead
  • easy (but not always clearly evident) ways to “ace” your first job

Achieving these great outcomes can be surprisingly fruitful and can serve to bypass a lot of stressful trial and error and more quickly get you on a payroll.

But before we launch this series we need to know that young adults are among our readers or what’s the point?

To our loyal readers who may be further along in life, if you know a young adult, show them this article and ask them if these topics are of interest to them.

If so, have them email Angelina Hunter at to advise that they are interested in these career-supporting topics and perhaps to suggest other related topics they’d like to see us cover. And if our young readers miss a topic in our series, we plan to post a link to the topics previously covered so they can enjoy the entire series.

With enough reader response, we may eventually even launch a seminar series covering career topics.

If this interests you, or someone you know, please let us know.

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Blaine Howerton