Redistricting affects LaPorte, Windsor

Larimer County is poised to adjust the three county commissioner districts to maintain a population balance in each.

Commissioner districts are readjusted every decade to reflect population changes determined by the last census.

The three districts extend east to west. Based on the 2010 census, some minor adjustments were required.

Most notably, a Larimer County portion of Windsor moves into southern District 3. LaPorte and surrounding areas move into northern District 1. The downtown portion of Bellvue remains in central District 2.

District 2 had a disproportionate portion of the population, so several areas were transferred into districts 1 and 3.

Commissioners are elected at large by all voters in the county, but they must run for one of the three seats determined by the district in which they live.

The new districts will be set by the commissioners the first week of August to ensure the county has enough time to prepare for the November election.

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