Regional Authorities Launch Gun Safety Awareness Campaign

Gun Safety Awareness Campaign

Gun Safety Awareness Campaign


By Jodi Lacey 

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The Larimer County District Attorney’s Office is partnering with local law enforcement partners, government agencies, and school districts to raise awareness about gun safety in Northern Colorado. 

The coalition is rolling out a regional campaign that will provide education and resources to community members. The coalition has developed a webpage with tips for parents to talk about gun safety with their kids, local data about gun theft, and other resources intended to promote safety. Focus areas include: 

  • Responsible gun ownership and safe handling and storage of firearms. 
  • Encouraging students to report concerning behaviors or guns in school using tools such as Safe2Tell. 
  • Working with youth in the criminal justice system who have been involved in gun-related incidents. 

“In recent years, our community has lost multiple young adults to gun violence and suicide involving firearms,” said District Attorney Cliff Riedel. “We know guns fall into the wrong hands through various means, and this coalition’s goal is to empower every resident to take an active role in our community’s safety.” 

From 2016-2018, 613 stolen firearms and 4,595 vehicle trespasses were reported in Larimer County. 

For more information about the campaign and available community resources, visit