Rist Canyon and Stove Prairie road closure update from RCVFD

Here is the status of the road conditions at 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 12:

Rist Canyon
• Rist Canyon Road is open at this time, but it is raining relatively hard, so that may change at any time.

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If you do drive the canyon:
• First – don’t if you don’t have to.
• Be very careful – watch in particular for places the road may be undercut.
• Do not drive through any deep water.
• Be advised, the canyon is not being patrolled at this time. We will go out if paged, but do not expect us to be patroling.

Buckhorn Canyon

• Buckhorn Canyon is closed and we do not expect it to open any time soon.
• At last report the Buckhorn is rising – so it is getting worse, not better.
• Many parts of the Buckhorn Road above Stove Prairie are completely washed out.
• Below Stove Prairie in Buckhorn Canyon – the road is underwater and being undercut significantly.
• It is not safe for travel.

Stove Prairie Road

• Recent reports of water 3-feet deep running across Stove Prairie road north of the school.
• Potential dam breeches threaten the road.
• You need to be aware and prepared to climb to safety if threatened.
• If you have an emergency – call 911 and we will do our best to reach you. If you are safe, shelter in place.

Bob Gann

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