Scant interest in municipal election

Exactly 200 voters expressed their opinions during a Town of Wellington municipal election on April 5.

A ballot issue allowing study of the feasibility of providing advanced services such as high-bandwith, fiber-optic network and other communication services to residential and commercial users within the town passed by a vote of 151 to 32.

In the race for town trustees, three men were elected to four-year terms: Paul L. Cox, 156 votes; Matt Michel, 96 votes; and Daniel J. Sattler, 93 votes. Candidate Lynette Deuschle received 75 votes, Patrick Cordova got 37 votes and Michael Nothnagel tallied 34 votes. Mike Deninger and Bill Wallen dropped out before election day but were listed as candidates. Deninger received 11 votes and Wallen 14 votes.


  1. The current mayor’s idea of Facebook as an effective way of communication, one of his comments from the last election, worked extremely well. Don’t call it a lack of interest. Label it a lack of effort from the town to inform the citizens. A few signs down main main street would have done wonders.

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