Stone 2 Furniture items featured at The Rock Garden

Local business Stone 2 Furniture, located just a few miles up the road in Livermore, has recently teamed up with The Rock Garden, located near the intersection of Hwy. 1 and Hwy. 287, to showcase Stone 2 Furniture’s items.

Stone 2 Furniture is a custom furniture company that handcrafts durable, luxury outdoor furniture out of stone and metal to create custom pieces of functional art. Their furniture is comfortable, beautiful and enhances any environment it is placed in.

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Together, the Rock Garden and Stone to Furniture provide a unique experience for the person who wants something unusual, beautiful and earth friendly for their outdoor spaces. The products offered by The Rock Garden and Stone to Furniture provide durability that withstand the harsh elements and challenging weather that Colorado dishes out. Stone is maintenance free and won’t be gone with the wind. Their one-of-a-kind stone products will provide years of enjoyment.

For more information call 970-407-8991.