Take the 2018 Larimer County survey between May 21 and June 8

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Larimer County Commissioner Tom Donnelly

What do you think about Larimer County services? How are we doing? What is important to you?

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We’d like your help by taking our 2018 Citizen Survey. Every few years we survey residents in Larimer County. The survey is a valuable tool that tells us what you — the people we serve — consider important in Larimer County. It gives us feedback on what we’re doing well, and where we could improve our performance providing services to you. This is your chance to tell us what is on your mind.

It also tells us what you would hope we would do that we might not be doing. The results help us in many areas, including the development our next 2018-2023 five-year strategic plan, our budget, and other important services Larimer County provides to help make this a great place to live. Whether you live in a city, town or rural setting, Larimer County provides services to all citizens, so no matter where you live, your input is important.

What do you consider the most important services we provide? It might be access to mental health, good transportation, or environmental stewardship. It could also be managing growth, economic development, public safety, as well as maintaining open space and parks. These are but a few topics from a long list.

Some responses might be different from folks who live in a rural area than those who live in a more urban setting. For instance, those who live in rural areas might have more of an interest in getting broadband connectivity, since it serves as a vital communication conduit on many different levels. Still, those differences are invaluable in giving us a vivid picture of Larimer County’s citizens and their needs, since we serve all residents in Larimer County. The survey also updates us on changes which have occurred since our last survey three years ago.

Technology has changed the way we live today, and our last survey told us that Larimer County residents want to conduct business electronically. From that information, we’ve found new ways which residents can execute transactions without physically coming to Larimer County facilities; the rebuilding of www.larimer.org leveraged that technology to provide services better and faster than before.

It’s easy to take the survey. Simply visit www.larimer.org and find the survey in the Spotlights section between May 21, 2018, and June 8, 2018, to take the survey. I encourage you to ask your friends to take the survey, too. By helping us with your feedback we can serve you better and plan for a better future for Larimer County.

Larimer County Commissioner Tom Donnelly is one of three commissioners. He resides in District 3 and represents all of Larimer County