Two New Voting Laws Go Into Effect

Today two new Election laws go into effect in Colorado, Modifications to the Uniform Election Code (HB19-1278) and Voting Access for People with Disabilities (SB19-202).

“These laws expand access to voting for all eligible Coloradans, and especially for young people, Coloradans living on tribal lands, and people with disabilities. Colorado’s leadership in voting access shines in stark contrast to states across the country that are pushing a voter suppression agenda. Colorado is setting the national standard for access to elections and our democracy,” said Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

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Here are additional details on the laws that go into effect today:

Modifications to Uniform Election Code (HB19-1278): This legislation increases access to Voter Service & Polling Centers (VSPCs) and ballot drop boxes across Colorado, and gives county clerks the tools they need to run efficient elections in their communities. This legislation also improves access to voting for college students by guaranteeing ballot drop boxes on higher education institutions and VSPCs on large public higher education institutions. It also expands access to voters living on Colorado’s tribal lands. In addition to expanding access for voters, the legislation includes needed technical modifications to ballot access and other election laws.

Voting access for people with Disabilities (SB19-202): This law requires Colorado to increase access to voting for eligible Coloradans with disabilities by ensuring they can privately and independently vote at home or at a Voter Service and Polling Center using nonvisual access or low-vision access technology.